Looking for Freelance Designer to design a new Webflow site for our agency

Our agency, Gr0wth Dr1vers is 5 years old and we’re ready to redo our website to showcase our recent work and better convey our capabilities.

We’d like to design the new site on Webflow and are looking for a designer who can create a cool looking site.

Let’s talk. You can reach me at steve@gr0wthdr1vers.com

Steve McDermott
Co-founder, Managing Partner
Gr0wth Dr1vers


Hello @stevemcd75

Email sent, please check.



Hello there,
Hope you’re doing good.

I can help with your requirement.
PM sent, pls check.


Hi Trish,
I’m seeing emails from other designers, but nothing yet from you. Please note the spelling in the email suffix, the 0 and 1. [steve@gr0wthdr1vers.com]. Do you have a profile or portfolio you could share?

Correction. I just got your email. Do you have a profile or portfolio or website you could share?

Hello @stevemcd75

Sent you PM with Portfolio

Sorry. We’re looking for a designer first and foremost. Not a developer team.
Also, I receive a message from Luis123 at your company. Please let him know.

I am available. I have 10 years of experience in website design. Many sites design by me on of these Ideas animation. This website related to 3d animation services, whiteboard animation services, 2d animation services, motion graphics services, etc. You can look my website design work.

Hi Steve,

I’ve just dropped you an email. Looking forward to chatting with you soon and seeing if we’d be a great fit for each other!


@stevemcd75 Hi Steve, have you found a developer we have a designer/developer who has over 3/4 years experience in webflow to help out.Happy to email to discuss further.


I was the lead designer for https://valueinvesting.io/. You can see the design there. I will also email you for more details.


This job has been filled.