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Looking for a webflow designer to join our team

Hi Guys,

We’re looking for someone super experienced with webflow to join our team. You’ll be our go to guy or girl for implementing and converting our designs to webflow sites.

Most of the time you’ll be working on responsive websites and landing pages, however we may also require someone who can convert responsive web app UIs/views.

Our ideal person:

  • You’ll have a good understanding of HTML & CSS above knowing how awesomely simple webflow makes building websites.
  • You’re comfortable developing and using clean and consistent CSS naming conventions.
  • Have an already deep understanding of front end architecture and can solve complex problems to implement tricky designs.
  • Keep our pages light and as bloat free as possible.
  • Ideally you can implement custom elements from say codrops into our sites, embeddable webforms from CRMs and other marketing automation software.

Bonus if:

  • You’ve got experience with angular or python (not essential).
  • You were a front end developer before discovering the awesome sauce that is webflow
  • You’ve got great design chops and can massage your webflow work so designs replicate ‘just right’ with pixel perfect perfection.

If this looks like you and you’d like to know more PM me your skype username (or add it to thread) and we can catch up.

Happy webflowing!

Hello Adam,

I sent you a private message. Thank you!


Sorry guys we’ve been getting a few questions about location etc. We’re looking for someone to work remotely, you can be anywhere so long as there’s some crossover with the UK time zone so we can catch up on progress etc.