Looking for a freelancer well versed with Webflow


My non-profit is re-vamping our website and I’m looking for a freelancer who can develop the new site in webflow. The project will be about 1-2 months depending on the hours you can commit (full-time or part-time is fine).



I have 10 years web development experience and I have 2 years Webflow experience. I would be glad to help you with your website re-vamp.

I’ll send you a pm with more details.

Teresa :slight_smile:

Hi, Msafaya!

I can help you! I’ve worked with various companys around the world as freelancer.
I am sure we can work something out! You can mail me at Wex@live.nl to discuss further details.

Hi Msafaya,

I have 3 years experience with Webflow and can easily build your site to your specifications. I will DM you with more details.



I’m very interested in the project. Just sent you a private message with more details.



Hi my name is Alhaji Bah I am very experienced in webflow
You can contact me at bailloh@yahoo.com or visit my portfolio site at www.banoyah.com I will be glad to help you out. Thank you

Would love to chat. bakercreativedesign.com

Hey Msafaya,

Thanks for reaching out to this awesome community, definitely interested in helping you out with an awesome web-site refresh. I sent you a message to get a better idea of what you would like best.

Looking forward to hearing back.