Logo Sizing For Wide Logo

Hi there , We are new to Webflow. We have quite a wide logo and it´s not coming out right within the nav bar. Can anyone suggest how we can get the logo to show at a smaller size and to be on the same line as the menu items?

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Hi Carlo,

That is indeed a pretty wide image to use as a logo. Image sizing can be done in the settings to the right by selecting the image and changing its size or by slapping a css class on it with size definitions.

Regarding centering, that completely depends on how you build layout. I suggest you take a look over here; where they cover some need-to-know basics to get a grip on this: https://university.webflow.com/article/centering-elements-with-flexbox

Thank you, we are newbies so thanks for the help! :v:

No worries. Good luck! Also, the webflow univerity has some pretty good 101’s on a lot of topics so whenever you have some learning time (aka downtime) check em out.

You should definitely take advantage of Webflow’s expansive University resources. However for this example, just place both the logo and the nav elements inside their own div, each set to 50% for the width values. Then set the parent container as a horizontal flex box.