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Logo moving to lower sections

I am using the Grow template for a new site, but when I replace the “Grow” logo with a figure, that figure will keep showing up on the right side as I scroll down all the way to the bottom. The behavior I expected and wanted was that the logo would only move up to the lower border of the top section, similar to what the Grow logo does in the original template

tried everything I could, and this probably has a fairly simple solution, but I am stuck and so looking for help. thoughts?


do you have a preview link?



you need to enable the preview link in your website’s settings

strange, opens on my cell and another computer where I’m not logged in. please try

Works perfectly. Logo appears on left side. Try deleting your browser cache or use incognito mode on your browser and see if that works.

sorry, i guess didn’t know how to explain this, and so here is a video to make it clearer:

i tried this in different browsers, all of them with the same behavior and so I don’t think it is a cache problem - logo goes all the way down in all browsers. if you look at the original Grow template hwoever, its logo does stop at the bottom of the upper section.

any on how I might be able to get the same behavior displayed in the original template?


Ooooohhhhhh That’s what you meant :wink: If so then you need some jQuery script for that to work. Contact me over Skype (details in my profile) and we’ll work this out :slight_smile:

Thanks, but just so that I can understand it: Why is it that the template doesn’t require a jquery while simply replacing the logo requires jquery.

Also, I definitely appreciate the offer to help through skype, but am on the road and so it would be hard for me to connect at this point. Any code snippets you or somebody else could point me to?

many thanks

Hey @pietr007 can you post the video again? It says the video is private.


What I think you’re running into is something to do with z-index. If the z-index of your logo is higher than anything then it will hover over everything. If the sections below the header have a higher z-index than the logo, then the logo will go underneath them and you won’t be able to see it if you scroll down. You can find z-index at the bottom of the Position property set to Relative, Absolute, or Fixed. In your case the logo on the top is set to fixed. If you want it to go under the other sections remove the z-index or set the sections to Position: relative and set z-index to something higher than the z-index of the fixed logo.