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Cheers, all.

Anyone know if it’s possible to automatically make current pages, like the Login/Sign-Up pages, show up in a modal popup - without having to create the modal from scratch? Or are there any clone-able modals/pop-ups (or templates) available that you may know of?

You can do this, but it’s a custom build.
Currently login and signup are dedicated pages, therefore there is no pop-up that you can do natively on other pages.

You’ll need to build your own pop-up, and then essentially replicate the login form within your modal. You cannot copy-paste it from the sign-up page ( last I tried ) however if you rebuild it with exactly the same custom attributes, webflow.js will identify it as a valid login form and it will function.

Yes, that’s a hack, and no there is no guarantee it will work forever.

If you want your pop-up to combine login and sign-up functionality, you can additionally add an IFRAME for the Sign-Up. Here’s a video of how to do that.

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Hey Doc!

Here’s a video and a cloneable that make this happen with Memberstack. You have the option to use the default modals and also to create your own from scratch!

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Cheers, Duncan!

Actually got a Memberstack subscription a few days ago, and am looking forward to getting a ton of things implemented. Really helpful tool!

There’s one little learning curve I need assistance getting over. I’m trying to implement the Sign-up/Login modal linked below, and can’t figure out how to link it specifically. Do I clone it into an actual stand-alone page? Do I copy/paste below it other pages?

Once I wrap my head around how to get this done, I believe I’ll have enough momentum to learn and utilize Memberstack the way I need! Can you help?

Here’s the Sign-up/Login Modal I’m looking to add to my site:

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I just stumbled on this video. I think this might be how I need to do it - even if I copy the Component I want to use from Memberstack. Can you confirm I’m right??

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Hello hello! First off, I’m so pumped to hear that you’re using Memberstack :grin:

As for your question, that decision is actually up to you. You have the option to either place the sign up and login forms on their own pages, or you can decide to place them inside of a model so that your users never leave the page.

It’s up to you! If you do go the modal route, the video you shared is a great resource :grin: All the steps he covers will apply to you too.

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