Locig Problem with Duplicated Forms

Hello, I have the following problem: I have an original form and a corresponding logic flow.

Now I have duplicated the original form (also a separate page) and renamed everything / changed the IDs.

Now when I want to create a new Logic Flow for this duplicated form and test it (I send data to Airtable) I get the following error:

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The funny thing is, the “Ink AI” app mentioned in the error is the name of the original form!

My guess: Webflow swapped the forms here because I duplicated the page. How can I solve the problem?

Read-Link: Webflow - Inklabs

The original Form and Page is called: Ink AI App
The new (duplicated Form and Page): Tattoo Preis Rechner

Thank you for your help here!

I had an error which occured when I used radio buttons in webflow logic for a http request in hubspot.

Webflow doesnt support radio buttons in Webflow logic. I found a workarround.
The are going well when you have a apecific name for each radio button - maybe this information helps you with your topic.

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Hi, I am having same problem, I duplicated the page and changes everything and getting this error. Are you able to solve it?

This is the correct answer.
You have to give every radio button option a page-wide unique name and value to make it work.
Seems like a huge bug to me.