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List items in a Dynamic Collection? Lightbox with CMS? Embedded code? SEO?


the new CMS looks great! After testing it, I faced some challenges.

(1) How can I include list items in the collections?

(2) I found a way to dynamically change the Lightbox preview image. How can I change the pictures within the Lightbox via collections?

(3) I would like to include maps and/or embedded code on the CMS pages. Any ideas how to make that happen?

(4) How does SEO and OG settings work for CMS pages?

Thanks a lot!



MOD EDIT: changed old title “Some CMS questions … need support :wink:!”

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Check out the videos here

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Thanks … :wink:

I watched the Webflow CMS Intro videos … did I really miss all the answers to the questions above?

None of those questions were answered in the videos. :joy: But I’d like to know the answer too. Especially if/how to pull in dynamic content to lightboxes.


Dear webflow team,

I think we need your support … :wink:

At the moment I am stuck and can’t switch my static pages to the CMS as I don’t know how to handle these issues.

Please help ;)!


Hi @michael :smiley:

Try editing your Dynamic pages instead.

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The CMS is just introduced, i am glad that its introduced without some things like SEO, Search-options, Slideroptions, Filteroptions and much more… Otherwise we had to wait a half year longer. it will come… i am sure. Just a littlebit patients.

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Totally agree!

I am just curious to find out which things/features are already implemented (and I just didn’t find out how it work) and which things/features are not implementet yet … but will be released soon.

I need a certain features to switch from static to dynamic pages.

Hi @PixelGeek

how does editing of dynamic pages exactly work?

I tried to change content (e.g. list items, embedded maps) that I cant include in the collections directly within the template pages, but (of course) those changes lead to changes on all dynamic pages.

Is there a option to edit dynamic pages in a way that the canges affect only a single page?

Not at this time. But the launch of the CMS is just our first step into this new world. We have a lot to do still and the team is doing their best to release more updates to it soon. :smiley:

In that case … I don’t realy understand your comment: “Try editing your Dynamic pages instead.”

Looking forward to the future releases :wink:

These items are essential. I am halfway through a CMS implementation and I am running into many of the same roadblocks as @michael

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Does anyone know if there is a way to implement a Lightbox, which dynamically pulls an image from the CMS, that when clicked shows the appropriate image. This currently doesn’t appear possible. This is clearly an important issue when dealing with the CMS and images.

(Question 2 in the original post from @michael)


@PixelGeek @vincent @cyberdave

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It is possible by using custom made Lightbox (modal window with image inside). Only thing: it will be not possible to connect several lightboxes.

Hi @sabanna

Thanks- so I guess it isn’t possible by using Webflow’s lightbox widget then? :frowning:

For now not yet, but team says they are working on it.

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@michael all the points you mentioned are in our roadmap. We’re working on SEO/OG settings for dynamic pages right now and soon we’ll be working on embedded code, but the other ones will have to wait. :wink:



Thanks for the info: Did I get you right? It won’t be possible to add dynamic list items and light boxes in the near future?

(But, I will be able to inplement it via embeded code?)

Hi, DFink,

Your URL post is not specified YouTube Video.
Could you kindly specify the URL which answer to that original question?
By the way, Webflow’s video title can not tell which subject will show in the video so, it is very hard for Webflow / web flow CMS user , like me novice users.
Worst is in the webflow course, I can not view the video and text support is too little not so may image of the each control panel. , too simple explanation.

Just watch all of them. They are all incredibly helpful to beginners. I watched all of those along with all the videos at when i started.