List Item counter Finsweet CMS-list


I’m using this fine template on our blog:

However when I came across over 100 blog post (102 atm) the counter attribute that counts all the post just stoped att 100 blog post. My guess was that it was limited to 100 and you should use pagination to get it to work. I used pagination to only list 10 post at a time wich partly solved it. Now the value shows 102 of 102 blog posts but only 10 is showing. So basically I want it to show 10 posts of 102 and then add 10 more as soon as I hit the load more button. Is this doable?

If you go to Finsweet’s CMS Load solution, you can scroll down to the ‘more attributes to use’ section and there is a ‘Visible Count’ attribute that you can add. This sounds like what you’re looking to achieve.