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Links not scrolling within page

Hello! Still very green to webflow, trying to get my nav bar links to scroll to various sections on my home page. I’ve labeled each section, and make each link connect to the corresponding section. But when clicking it doesn’t scroll down. Likely a super simple fix that I’m just not seeing. Thank you!

Fonts/colors/copy is all WIP…

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi, welcome to webflow. Your site structure isn’t really correct. You shouldn’t wrap your content in a div. Your sections should be stacked vertically. Are you trying to make a static sidebar? Have you watched the webflow tutorials on site structure and building your first site in webflow?

Hmm… yes ive watched the tutorials on webflow. Essentially I’m trying to have three sections stacked on top of each other. each section appears full screen, but want it so that when you click the sidebar links it scrolls down to the next section. I’m probably missing something quite obvious…