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Links in tab links don’t work

Hi Webflowers!

I’m working on my client’s website, and there is one quite nasty (heh) section that I’ve rebuilt a few times already — last time asked me to remake it and add hover and auto-play to it. I’ve been thinking about how to do it and add CMS into it at the same time, so he and his team don’t need to use Designer, but Editor and add content in CMS which will appear in that section automatically — I decided that Tabs component is a good choice, also, I found Attributes by F’insweet and decided to use it in the project too.

Live website link:

Well, I did create what I wanted but there are two problems — the main one in the name of this topic:

  1. There are links in tab links but they do not work — I guess it’s an issue because it’s, basically, a link inside a link. That being said, I’ve seen questions on the forum regarding links in tab links, and it seemed that people made it work. Though, the use case is different.

  2. For some reason, hover and tabs auto-play scripts turn off when I add CMS Tabs Attributes to the tabs element. I’ve message folks at F’insweet and waiting for their reply.

That being said, the main issue is to make links in tab links work.

After I’ve sent a Loom video about the issue to SweetJS, I’ve questioned myself if tabs were the right call. Then, I’ve thought about making a slider instead of the tabs element, but, I think, the issue will remain since the slider nav uses links too — so it will be “links in links” issue again.

I hope there is a solution to this problem.

Again, here are four key points:

• The design should be like on the screenshot
• Hover instead of a click
• Auto-play/switch
• CMS based

Thanks for your help in advance!