Links from cms collection aren't working

some of my CMS collection links don’t work when I click on them and im not sure why. Can someone please help?

link: Webflow - 11 Design Studio website

You do not have a “…/work-pages/” on your site, therefore the page and any sub pages under “…/work-pages.” does not exist. If you change “…/work-pages” to “…/work/” you sub pages will show up.

(2) Quick notes:
1 – Adjust the “Link Settings” of your CMS Collection List Link Block 4 to a Collection Page Link Type and Current Work page. And uncheck “open in new tab”.

2 – you do not need to add the “Work Links” as a Collection List Item Field to your “Works” Collection List as each Collection List Item has its own Collection Page. For example, you have a collection list title “Works”. Each individual “Works” item has its very own Collection Page.

Thank you! it worked when I changed the name!

I have the "work links in my field because I have “previous and next project buttons” on the individual work pages. I was trying to connect the links to those two buttons on each buttons.

Ahh I see – You can use this {Finsweet CMS Previous Next on your Collection Page Template. All you have to do is add the Collection List you want to reference on your actual Collection Page Template and then add the attributes and style your previous and next buttons.

Also, if this worked for you, can you mark this as a solution from your end.