Linking a Collection List to Variant Images

Hello everyone,

I am using CSV import to import hundreds of e-commerce products into my page. As I understand it, the CSV import cannot be mapped in a custom manner. The only columns in the CSV where one can import images are the ‘Main Variant Image’ and ‘More Variant Images’ fields.

I’m uploading images in those columns as part of the import, and the images are indeed uploading as ‘variant’ images.

What I’m having trouble with is displaying the variant images anywhere on my site.

This is super confusing because I’ve seen the ‘Showcase unique image galleries per product variant’ feature release here, so I know it’s possible:

I also understand the basics of creating a Collection List, following by placing an image within the Collection List and linking to the Collection to source the image. But when I do that, the ‘variant images’ are not an option.

TLDR: I don’t understand how to actually display variant images on my site (though I do know how to upload them into the backend). This is necessary because a CSV import will only import images to the variant images field.

Here’s a readme of an example: