Link transitions - does this feature exist?


I’m new to webflow and am trying to create a simple page transition (slide in from top to bottom when clicked). I would be clicking a hamburger menu and going to another page (the menu page). I found a thread explaining how to do this but cannot seem to find the link transition option for some reason.

This is what I am looking for (image from the thread):

This is what it looks for me when I go to my link settings:

I’m not sure if this feature exists or if any similar options exist.

I know you can add interactions on the same page, so technically I could create the menu on top of my existing page (so that they’re on the same page) but I’m worried that it would slow down my site (is this a possibility?).

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

Here is my public share link: HERE
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I’m super sorry, the first image you’re showing is only a mockup that a user made to illustrate what they would like to do. But it doesn’t exist.

in short: you’re not going to be able to transition from a page to another on a Webflow site, even with external development.

And not to enter too much into details, transitioning from a page to another requires DOM manipulation, and for reasons this is not possible with a Webflow site, you’d need deeper control of the whole site.

You can only cheat your way into transitions, like fade out fade in

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