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Link to slide script not working

Hi guys,

I’ve been trying to use @bartekkustra’s code to link to different slides but can’t seem to get it to work.

Here’s what I made, based on his script:

<script> $(document).ready(function() { $('#Groeistrategieslide').click(function(e) { e.preventDefault(); $('.GroeistrategieLink').removeClass('active'); $(this).addClass('active'); $('.w-round div:nth-child(1)').trigger('tap'); }); $('#FusieOvernameSlide').click(function(e) { e.preventDefault(); $('.FusieOvernameLink').removeClass('active'); $(this).addClass('active'); $('.w-round div:nth-child(2)').trigger('tap'); }); $('#AnalyseSlide').click(function(e) { e.preventDefault(); $('.AnalyseLink').removeClass('active'); $(this).addClass('active'); $('.w-round div:nth-child(3)').trigger('tap'); }); }); </script>
I have no JS knowledge whatsoever so could be entirely off. Help is much appreciated!

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