Link Secondary Locale CMS Item with Primary Locale CMS Item

Lets say I deleted a CMS Item in the secondary locale. How to recreate it, such that it is linked in the primary locales CMS item localization overview?

Hi Ohlr, there is only one CMS item. It has a primary locale, and then secondary locales.
You cannot delete it in a secondary locale, you can only delete the entire item.

@memetican absolutely you can delete a secondary locale item. But as it says in the warning you can not restore it.

One has to duplicate the primary locale item, that way a new secondary locale item is created.

Thanks @ohlr, I’ll test that. It doesn’t make a lot of sense since if you switch locales to that alt, you’d be given… a 404 page? Curious to see how they’ve handled it and whether the sitemap and alt lang tags adapt well.

I’ll check it out when I’m back from vacation.

Incidentally I’ve never needed this, the problem i see more often is the inverse - an alt-locale-only page like an English primary site, with a few German-alt-only pages. We generally solve that with a reverse proxy.