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Link page issues

Hello awesome people,

I’m having an issue link to each project to the correct page and every time I change to the correct link it changes the other project. Is there a way to work around it to prevent it from changing over and over?

Thank you in advance! =)

Here is my public share link:
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Hello @Jose_Ortega

You’re talking about linking from the home page to the project?

Piter :webflow_heart:

Hey PiterDimitrov,

Yes, I’m having a hard time placing each project to the correct page.

Project #1 (Hoi Polloi Brewing)

project #2 (Pearlyst)

I think that the wrapper may cause, but I’m thinking they have to be a way to work around this.


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Why not using the dynamic link?

You’re using a regular link type and that’s why all project from the collection list are linking to the same project.

See here >

Piter :webflow_heart: