Link Logos/Images to URLs

Hi There - In my Div Block, I’ve included a Link block to appear as a 6-part grid. I would like to have a logo/image in each grid part. I would like to link those logos to individual URLs. Any guidance on achieving this?

You’ll need individual link blocks as grid components, so you want a parent div that is set to display grid, and then each grid cell is filled with a link block containing your logo inside of it.

Make sense?

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Hi Sam - Totally and I figured it out! I’m very proud of myself…hee hee. [Cries tears of joy…}

Now, I’m trying to bring the logos closer together because they’re too spaced apart. Edit Grid parent?

Hi @MissMyrnaGold, yes that would/could fix it, but it could also be a matter of width as well of the main parent div too.

Play and congrats on figuring it out!

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