Link hover color not pulling from CMS via dynamic embed

Hi - I have placed an embed inside of a collection list item, in my main blog page post list…so that I can pull variables from that collection.

Link to read-only blog page

Currently you can see that the BG color set in each post is successfully pulled in as the BG color of the post image. I’m merely trying to do the same thing to the HOVER state on the category. Because you can not use dynamic styles on hover states in Webflow (that i’m aware of, after searching) the guidance I did find mentioned using the embed inside the collection list such that you can use the variables. So I have custom CSS in a style tag written for:

.cat-link:hover {
  color: [post bg color]

But strangely they are all hovering with the purple/thistle color instead of each post’s set bg color.

This is my first Webflow forum post so I hope the read-only link works for folks to have a look for some help. Thank you!

Attaching some screenshots - as I don’t see how in the designer you can see my page structure:

Bump - wondering if anyone can please help with this, or at least note whether or not it’s a webflow bug.

Hello @lbkilgore, so the custom css that you have is correct, but as you mentioned it only applies one hover color, that is because on load there are some overrides that stop the browser from displaying the correct color. There is a solution for it though, you can use dynamic attributes. So to do that select your cat-link and go to settings, under settings go to custom attributes
Screen Shot 2023-09-27 at 3.29.43 PM
for the name you can put whatever you want, for this case I’m using hover. For value, click on the purple dot and select the option for your colors. Once you do that on the custom code embed that you have replace the code that you have for this code

you will have to replace the hover-color field from the image with your own field name from your collection. I hope this helps!

Thank you @Pablo_Cortes !!! Will try this once I figure out now why my blog is 404’ing in general haha (another webflow problem that has just arisen, but going to give it a day to see if something that gets worked out. otherwise may have to make a NEW forum post). :slight_smile:

it works!!! thank you SO MUCH pablo!!!

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I’m glad it worked out for you @lbkilgore. This issue comes a lot, please consider marking the post as solved so other people can use as reference. Take care.