Link doesn't go to _self

I’m having the same problem adding a link inside a product page, designed to pop up a shopping cart. Despite having the “Open in a new window” unchecked, (and even adding “?:linktarget=_self” to the URL), it opens in a new tab. Any help would be appreciated. @thesergie, any ideas?

Hello @ChrisK,

for find solution of your problem we will need to see the project. So it would be really helpful if you would post read-only link to your site. Guidance of how to do this you can find here How to Enable a Webflow Share Link


Hi Sabanna,

You can access it here:

I’ve added a Collection called “Products”, and included several fields in the Collection trying to find a way to enable a Buy/Add to Cart button from SendOwl (or Shopify - either would work).

If you open the Products Template page and do a preview of the site, you’ll see two buttons I created to bind the link fields from the Collection. Select the last product from the dropdown list (very top)- this product entry has links added for SendOwl. Whenever they are clicked, a new tab is opened, even though I’ve set it not to.

Thanks for your help.

Hello @ChrisK,

I think you tried to open the link from Preview mode in Webflow. And it will sure open new window. But on published site it stays in the same window. (I checked one of your links on my site)


Ah, well that does explain it. I might suggest adding a “?” help tag next to the check box indicating this behavior. But now that I know, I can proceed with my line of thinking re: integrating SendOwl.

Note that I submitted a separate “request/vote” for the ability to add an “embed code” field into a Collection (or at least the ability to bind a collection’s text field to an embed code block on a page template), so that 3rd party widgets can be integrated into a template page. This broader capability would be super helpful.



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