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Link block & hover animation not working from Mobile and Pop up glitches

Hey Webflow community,

I can’t seem to fix this bug, but when I preview my site from my mobile, the links from the artwork on the explore page are really glitchy. They’re not clicking when I tap them from my phone, the animation doesn’t work, and also, it comes with a weird contact form when I click the center of the images. For example, my keyboard on my phone pops up when I click the image/link.

I can’t seem to work out what’s wrong because it works perfectly from my desktop, but as soon as I go to mobile, it messes up. Please help?

On a separate note, the pop-up I’ve created when you land on the explore page glitches and flashes up once when I first load the website and sometimes doesn’t even show up on some computers. Any idea what could be causing this?

Thanks so much in advance!!!

Here is my site Read-Only: