Limiting characters in a post summery

On a collection page, I want to limit the number of characters in each post summary to 150. I have selected 150 in the CMS settings for that collection but the number of characters is unaffected. Not sure what to do. I’d also like for it to end with three periods. Like this…

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

My read only link:

Any CMS fields that were populated with text prior to the character restriction will remain the same. You will need to go in an shorten post summaries to 150 characters. If you were try to save a CMS item with your new character restriction in place, it would not allow you – as it’s longer than 150 characters. See here:


If your descriptions are shorter, I don’t imagine you will need the ellipses (three dots). However, if you really want that effect, I understand Webflow recently added a new text feature pertaining to text wrapping/overflow – but I’m not aware if it handles ellipses – so here’s a working solution:

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Thank you. That was very helpful.