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Can you limit characters in a text block?

On the home page of my help site I have some “popular articles.” The article title and a short description is displayed on that page, but I don’t know how to limit the description. Essentially what I’m trying to do is limit the text block so that the description isn’t longer than the width of the text block, and once it reaches that width it ends with … similar to descriptions in Google search.

I don’t think it matters, but the articles, titles, and descriptions are all CMS items.

Hi, @christiannc. Currently there is no native feature to do this. I’ve seen two approaches people take:

Approach A: Create a text field in your CMS called “Summary” (or something like that) and paste the text in

Approach B: There is some custom CSS you can use (shown in this link)

There are pros and cons to each approach but those are the common solutions. LMK if you have any questions!