Lightbox feature image is separating from other image option

Hello fellow creatives,

I’m using a lightbox for the first time and have noticed that after clicking an image the featured image is fixed to the top of my page, and the other lightbox image options are fixed to the bottom of the page.
This creates a real problem when my page is taller than 100vh because I can’t interact with the bottom images or close lightbox button at the same time. You’ll notice this problem after clicking an image in the top row of photos compared to the bottom row

Any help is much appreciated!
Thanks, Will

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Took me ages of stripping out to find out what was causing this.
Very strange effect.
Click on body, remove combo class photo and it works as it should.
If that photo combo is required then I don’t think there is anything you can do to undo.

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OMG iDATUS, you’re a legend, works perfectly now! Thank you x 1000000000

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