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Lightbox cms workaround riddle me this?

So this is interesting. I have been fighting with this lightbox CMS javascript workaround. I implemented it successfully on a blank page on a new site. Then i implemented it on a test page on the site I am trying to get it to work on.

But when I try to place it into the section I want it to work in. It refuses to work. The code is identical. The inputs identical but within that home page it refuses to work. Anyone have any ideas? Is there other scripts on the page that are fighting with it? Is that possible?

At first I thought I was doing something with the multi reference wrong. It turns out though unless you are needing to reference different lightboxes you don’t need a different reference collection. As shown by it working on the test page within the site without any of that and just a gallery images collection.

Here is my share link.

and to see it implemented

this has me completely baffled. @cyberdave @Waldo @sabanna @VladimirVitaliyevich @Diarmuid_Sexton

thank you

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So upon further discovery recreating the problem by cutting and pasting sections from the home page into the testpage. The Javascript is getting caught up because of the other lightbox I have for the video. I’m not sure if I can tweak the script so that I can have both a separate lightbox that works within webflow and the other one in the gallery section that works with the javascript. Anyone have any ideas how I might accomplish this??? @cyberdave

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Ok continuing on. It was the multiple lightboxes. To eliminate the problem I added Demo reels to the gallery images collection. And made a switch YES for video. There doesn’t appear to be a way to grab the video from the dynamic collection in a lightbox so I am manually inputting them into the lightbox settings. I’d be grateful if anyone can think of a way to grab the dynamic video the same way the BG image is being grabbed with the javascript or the Captions with Alt text.

But I realize this might be the best it is going to get before the next webflow update for any of this.

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