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Lightbox caption shrinks and moves up

The captions of my light boxes seem to shrink into a very small size and go above the image, sometimes they don’t show up at all. Screenshot 2020-11-01 at 13.01.00|690x431
I don’t know what I have done that is creating this behaviour and I’m not good at code at all so I’m very lost! Help would be greatly appreciated as this is supposed to be delivered to my client today!

Here is what it looks like when I inspect the element on chrome. Both the size and placement seem to be the problem:

Here is the read only to the website with an issue:

hi @Marie_leroy I was able to fix it, but I didn’t check why this happened in first place, There is some custom code that reset your code see. img_2. So I didn’t look deeper. You can add code viz. img_1 to each site or better in project it self but before You will do that try to figure out what setting is causing this behaviour.

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