Lenis snap scroll while keeping the smooth scroll

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to replicate the following video animation in my project:

As you can see, the videos crop out while scrolling, and I made a similar interaction by introducing a parallax.

However, my main goal is to be able to make the video snap as you see on the website: when I scroll over 50vh and stop scrolling, the video will automatically go to 100vh after a little bit of time.

How can I obtain this sort of animation?

Also, consider I used Lenis scroll to make the scrolling smooth.

Thank you so much for your attention and participation.

The community will need your read-only link to see where things currently stand.

Are you using Lenis scroll to snap to each video section?


This is the link to my website. I’m using Lenis for the smooth scroll on the whole page, but I need the first two full-page videos to have that snappy interaction.

(sorry if the website is a bit messy class-wise)