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Left aligned tab navigation/slider

Hi Webflow world. I’m trying to make a slider with big control buttons aligned to the left of the entire slide. I guess I could do this the long route of creating buttons within a div that displays content to the right, but the website is going to end up in a CMS and using a slider/tab navigation would make it a lot easier to simply replace text and image for each slide.

I have attached a Mock of what I’m trying to do. The section within the red box is the slide control and the image is to the right in the yellow box. There’s also content that needs to change per slide in the translucent black section. Any tips on how to make it work with the webflow slider or tab nav would be helpful

John B.

Don’t use a Slider widget, prefer using a Tabs widget and make it work vertically.

See here demo + explanation

Thanks mate!

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