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Learn em, rem, vw + a question!

This is an awesome video that explains em,rem and vw. almost all stuff we can do in Webflow.

Except THIS

Any have a good solution for doing calc in the designer?
fontsize: calc (0.5em+1vw);

The missing piece for your video is also to use relative line-height units:

p {
    line-height: 1.5;


No way (Only by custom style (before body/head -or- embed html).


          font-size: calc (0.5em+1vw);


Wishlist: Support for CSS calc():

I never try this on webflow - but her you find an idea to set the calc() for the body:

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Thank you @Siton_Systems for your In depth answer! Really appreciate it!

And yes. I use unitless because of that video :smiley: Glad you added it!

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