Lazy Load // Paginate CMS Items

I’m reposting this question because after 60 days no one on the team or community could at least comment on it. Other topics were created asking for a code snippet / tutorial on how to lazy load CMS items, and those have also been closed.

Does this mean no one knows how to achieve a lazy load with CMS items?

I guess paginate could work for now, but I’m still confused on how it would work. For example on my website (Preview Link) all the items load, and terribly slow. So I can limit to the first 12 items, and then do I create a subpage like /2 and place the portfolio symbol I created, and limit to 13-24? It’s confusing for me because the newest item shows first, which means I would have to do the math every time I post a new piece of work to make sure I have x number of pages to accommodate for the LAST item in the portfolio. That doesn’t seem like a good process to go through.

Does anyone have experience paginating their CMS items, and the best way to do it?

Or a CMS lazy load tutorial would be AWESOME!!!


There should be a couple of posts with suggestions on how you can implement your own custom code to workaround this limitation.

There is no definite answer like a “one size fits all” approach, as different custom code is required based on how one wants to display the content, or structure the hidden pages to achieve such functionality. Pagination is also on the product development pipeline, but official sources do not provide a definite release date.

The custom code solutions only work with single images and not entire wrappers of dynamic list items.

How would you structure those hidden pages given my scenario? I would appreciate any ideas brought forth.

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