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Landing section offset and white bar on mobile

Hi, I’m Still quite new to Webflow but really enjoy the versatility of it.
I’m almost done with my first website but experiencing some problem with the responsive aspect of it both mobile sizes.

I have a video set up as full-screen landing pages set up to take 100 VH / VW with a navbar on top of it. The section containing the video is Hidding overflow.
What happens is that I have some white space appearing under my videos before the next section. The landing page section is also not starting from the very top of the page.

I can’t solve this problem so far and I’m running out of ideas, some help would be very appreciated.

Thanks for your time,


Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi, Webflow community,
I’m still looking for an answer on this one, not sure if I have been very clear on the previous post.
I have a section starting from the top of the page on the desktop version that suddenly doesn’t on mobile creating some white space and I can find no reason for that.
Please check the mobile version of the site here:

I would really appreciate some help since I can’t find a solution.

Found the solution. For some reason body had a padding on mobile.