Laggy interaction issue on certain screens

Hi all,

We seem to be getting a super strange issue on iMac screens in our office. The issue doesn’t really occur on our PC’s but for some reason we get a really slow laggy load of interactions/elements as you scroll down the page on the iMac screens. Specifically, 24" 4K M1 chip iMac screens. I would love to know if anyone else can re-produce this, and if so, if you had any fix ideas!

Webflow forums have always been good to me in the past… hoping for help again this time!

Read only link: Webflow - Aircards

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Hi @Matt_Watson,

Aside from that common clear cache and simple options, others tried this and didn’t work. This was the only solution I found that gave results. Hope this helps.

Try this. Window Transparency and use the Reduce Motion feature.

  1. Open Apple menu, open ‘System Preferences’, then select the “Accessibility” preference panel
  2. Choose “Display” settings
  3. Check the boxes for “Reduce motion” and “Reduce transparency”
  4. Exit