Keeping layout consistent for 1024px devices

Hey folks,
I’m working on a website and currently stuck. The problem is that desktop base breakpoint can be as wide as 1440px and as narrow as 992px. Most of the content is centered, so when you resize your view to 992 it doesn’t really matter.
However, I have some content that is left centered. While it looks OK for 1440px and +, it doesn’t look great for anything lower than 1200px or 900px.
I know I can adjust the grid for other breakpoints to occupy the full width, but not sure what to do when working within the same breakpoint.


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Mable v2.0

Maybe dont use grid layout. Try to make the same structure by using flex box etc.

I can also see that you have empty columns in your grid, try to remove them and play around with min/max width.