Keep multiple dropdowns open at once?

I have a page with multiple accordions, and the purpose is to have an overarching filter accordion item, and inside of it have other accordions which are separated by categories.

I have followed this tutorial by Webflow to design a custom accordion, and it has helped me well. However, I am running into an issue where opening one dropdown will close all others, and that is not the behavior which I am looking for. Is there anyway to decouple the triggers that are happening? Sadly I cannot share the site as it has sensitive information, but has anyone found a solution to this issue?

I’d recommend just going with “fake” accordions. You can simulate the dropdown behaviour by just using regular divs and following the principle.

You’d need a dropdown wrapper, dropdown trigger and dropdown list. You can then manually control the animations and set it to open on 1st click and close on 2nd click (not by clicking on the other dropdown)

That should solve your issue