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JSON Integration


I’m looking to integrate this into my site -

Does anyone have any advice on how to pass the parameters into web flow text boxes and images?

Many thanks,


I never use this idea. Anyway, this library only gives you access to information from Wikipedia (JSON). You should know how to code (JS & JSON) to convert this JSON to HTML (Subject for a long tutorial). Try to learn this idea first in codepen (This is not webflow issue) -or- find easier solution.

In general in the code the developer put empty html tags such as:

   <span class="title"></span>

Than by JS --> put title X inside this element.

Sorry, This is more a task for freelancer (Anyway on webflow you put the custom code. Nothing more).

The demo you linked explains this:

This simple demo uses wikipedia.js library to load information on the given page and display it below. The JS source for the demo is here while the HTML source is just this page!

The first link is the actual library used to get the JSON. The second link is something that you could code for your Webflow page to use the library to get and insert the data onto the page itself.

If you are interested in another JSON API demo, I have this project