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Jquery and pre-cache help


Ive added isotope to my site. Works fine.

But on load sometimes the posters stack up on top of each other. Is there a simple snippet of code to add to stop this?

Also pre caching - I seem to recall clicking something somewhere in webflow to enable this - cant find it now though.

I think you may want to create an onload interaction to hide Isotope since Isotope does not load asynchronously.

Inspect this… you might find the implementation you need. Let me know if thats helps.

Shameless plug alert;

Thats beyond me im afraid. I will do a little research though, perhaps I can work it out. thx for the advice

What I mean is just to put a load delay interaction on the container that has isotope… It will wait for everything else to load including Isotope so that you get the desired effect. You could search the Webflow University for 'Wait For Assets To Load’ interaction.