Javascript Pricing/ROI Calculator

Hi there,

I’m really struggling to get this pricing calculator to work. I’ve been trying to go off of F’in Sweet’s pricing calculator examples but none of them are really as complex as what I’m looking to do. I’ve been able to manipulate the script a bit to get the first value to populate, but I’m really struggling to get the other two to work. (I’ve since lost the function that actually worked).

Basically the formulas I need to calculate the 3 results at the bottom are:

Value 1 (revenue): 501 - (input field #1 * input field #2)
Value 2 (gross profit): (Result of Value 1 * input field #3) - value of drop down selection
Value 3 (annual gross profit): Result of Value 3 * 12

*I do not want to use a third party app for this calculator.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Tekmetric Marketing