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IX2 - Hover on Dropdown Menu styling

I’ve added a dropdown menu for translation links but there are couple problems.

I’ve used IX2 to hover(languages comes in order - opacity) but the RTL arabic is comes before any of them without interaction.

The translate icon is getting smaller on hover. I’m not doing that. Why ?

When I try to click on one the translation link, hover stops. How can i fix this ?

Awaiting your kind replies,

Stage Link

Here is my public link.

Third one is fixed by applying same ix2 interaction on navbutton instead of dropdown toggle.

First needs figuring ? :cold_sweat:

Hello @cyberdave , You ve change the place of this but I think the first point of my issue is not my mistake. Then why else my other 3 of 4 works fine. I tought, it might be a bug. If not please enlighten me.

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