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Issues with slider - please help!

Hello all, I am really struggling with the slider function for a clients portfolio website.

The slider seems to only work fine when I set it to specific pixel dimensions 750x500 which I know isn’t great for responsiveness - please see slider towards the bottom of pages named ‘seeing more things’ or ‘cultural identity’.

The client now wants the slider images bigger. When I make the slider larger dimensions, for some reason it is now going on top of the navbar?!

When I try to make the slider responsive, by pressing auto, it shrinks completely.

How do I make a nice, clean slider function with large, beautiful images?!

Please help I’m going mad and thank you so much!!!

Here is my site Read-Only:
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If you go to your Nvanbar2 the fixed menu and change the Z-index to something like 10 it will work. Now is set to Auto

thank you so much!!!