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Issues with embedding Outgrow codes in Tab sections


I’m having an issue with the embed codes that I am using on the pricing page of my website.

  1. There is a button bar at the bottom of each section of the pricing table. This pricing table has a toggle between the annual and monthly pricing. These buttons have an embed code that brings up an Outgrow calculator to give quotes.

The embedded button text is showing up on the monthly sections twice and not on the annual at all. This coding is all separated in the different tab content sections but is being combined in the finished product.

  1. Another issue that is happening is our nav bar is disappearing with the addition of these embed code buttons.

Here is my read only link and a link to the live pricing page on our site.

There are three different calcs - one for each section. Here is an example of the code that is given by Outgrow to embed. This one is for the on-premise option.



I have solved the first question. I’m still having an issue with the navbar disappearing. Has anyone else had this issue?



Hi Michelle,

Hope this helps-

  1. It seems like this happened with the width property associated with your Outgrow button. We’re glad you were able to fix this one!

  2. Although I have no way to verify this now, it seems like this could have happened because of the position property of your navigation menu.