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Issues on Mobile that are not an issue in the webflow interface

There are two features on this website that are not functioning correctly on mobile.

  1. The background images behind the quotes on all top tier pages are set to be “fixed”. They are set to be “fixed” on all devices. They appeared fixed on all devices for some time since the site was launched over a year ago. Today, we realized that on mobile devices, these image are suddenly not fixed. However, they continue to appear as fixed on all device previews in webflow’s interface.

  2. The animation at the top of my home page is not working, again, only on mobile. It continues to work in webflow’s interface preview. No design changes have been made to the home page in quite a long time (long before this issue appeared).

I feel like these issues constitute a bug. Does anyone know of the next steps to report a bug and to get help from webflow? Thanks.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - The Logan School

Following up on:

  1. Fixed Background images - It seems like maybe these don’t work on mobile, despite showing as working on the mobile preview. Does anyone know this for sure?

  2. Another animation on my home page has also stopped working on mobile. The circles further down on the page. Again, these work in preview (all devices) and on desktop. What could be causing this?


BG images definitely work differently on mobile. The animation you currently don’t have loading on mobile image

found this blog might be helpful if you have to have it work like that in the design

Thank you Jeremy! It’s been a crazy technical issue week. Computer went in for repair yesterday. Will address this over the weekend. Looks like some solid solutions!!! Thank you.

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