Issue with spacing

There is no space after testimonial card and copyright text in published website

But in Webflow designer there is proper spacing & even in preview mode there is spacing/gap.

Is this Webflow bug or what?

In read only Webflow link its showing exactly same as of published website while there is lot of space in my designer tab.

In both pic Min height is 260 VH while preview in Editor mode there is a lot of spacing compare to read only mode

In mobile view also there is no gap although I have adjusted watching in read only tab.

after setting Min Height 270 Vh… I can get ther perfect spacing…but in designer there is too much space.

What’s the problem with my project

hi @Saroj_Thapa issue is related to your fixed height of section 1 (reset it). The spacing under your slider can be done with margin-bottom.

I will suggest to take some CSS lessons to understand at least some very basics about positioning , padding, margin and how things actually works before creating project in WF. I mean it in good way as knowledge will open doors to creativity and solving issues.

Actually I have been using Min height in previous project also.

@Stan Thanks a lot for your help.