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Issue with Scroll Interactions and Page Load

Hey folks,

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I have backgrounds, with some interactions inside them, revealing as you scroll between sections. An issue I’m running into though is on page load. You can see that, even though you’re well within section 1 when the page loads, none of the background interactions trigger until you initiate a scroll.

Logical solution would be to load the first background on page load instead, but if I’m already scrolled halfway down the page, and reload, that background will be showing.

I want the background in section 1 to show on page load, ONLY if I’m in the triggered section.

I really wish scroll triggers would recognize when you’re already scrolled within a desired section at page load.

Anyone have ideas?

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Bump. Hoping for some help. Thanks!

Can you provide the class names of what should be showing on page load? There are so many div blacks Im not sure which one you want to have show on Page Load!


Sure, the combo class I want to be showing on page load is

I dont see this class as a Page Load item. I see the NAV as a page load element.

I would recommend double checking all of your animations.

The interaction on that class is not on Page Load. It’s on Scroll, as I need it to reveal when you scroll to the section. But, even though on page load, you’re technically well within the first section, the doesn’t show until you scroll 1 pixel. If I set that class to show on Page Load, if you reload the page anywhere beyond the first section, shows up.

The desired outcome is shows on page load, only if the first .home-bg-section is scrolled into view.

Hmmmm. I will have to do more playing with it. However, it is a work day for me. I might be able to get to it tonight after dinner. Unless someone else beats me to it.

Sorry, if you figure it out before I have the time, please let me know.

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Looks like a longstanding bug. Hopefully Webflow fixes it, it’s easy to do (ie: trigger any “scroll into view” animations that are visible on initial page load).

Here’s another thread discussing the same: IX 2.0 - Scroll into view not activating until the page is scrolled a bit