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Applying interaction to class with combo classes

I’m trying to use interactions to reveal some images behind a section when the section is scrolled into view and then hide the images when scrolled out of view. I plan to have many sections like this so I’d like to apply the interaction to the classes instead of each selected element.

The sections are called .section and each image is called .bg-image with combo classes 1, 2, etc to change the image.

But the interaction refuses to trigger except on the first section. Does IX2 not work with combo classes in this way?

Here is my public share link:

Sadly I got this working in a few minutes using legacy interactions…

But IX2 doesn’t seem to have an effect on classes that also have a combo class. Anyone else having this issue?

Yeah, thats why I don’t use ix2 unless I have to. Glad you found the v1 workaround.