Issue with responsivity

So this is my first Webflow project and I don’t have previous experience with CSS, so maybe the answer to my problem is obvious. But I have a quite issue with responsivity. It behaves normally in the webflow, but when I tested published version on different breakpoints it’s a bit broken and unpredictable.

Just to name few examples.

  • we accessed the web from tablet with screen size somewhere around 890px, but it entered the desktop version instead and it was all super small.
  • the quality of the small pictures (logos etc.) was rapidly lowered on smaller breakpoints so they are all blurry
  • I have a accordion which has one paragraph with another paragraph and picture underneath, but if I tried to resize it on desktop the the text and picture did not respond to the resizing, it only got fixed when I refreshed the page on a smaller view (please see the video) below.

This is the preview link for my project

and this is the last published version

Would be anyone kind enough to look at it and tell me how I can fix this???