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Issue with hero slider functioning

I purchased a site template and as I am working on making it my own I’ve come across a problem that I cant seem to figure out. On the home page there is a Hero Slider and there are supposed to be buttons on the bottom of said slider to switch between the 3 pages aswell as arrows in the bottom right. The buttons are visible and functional in the designer but disappear when I preview the site. The arrows Also do not function when previewing the site. If someone knows a fix to this that would be a huge help!

Here is the link to the site - Webflow - Gatherings by Mercer

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

I’m having the same exact issue with a slider in my page - I’ve searched everywhere and can’t find a solution, hoping someone can help answer yours. I’ve downloaded template projects where sliders initially work and then stop in their own read-only preview link and am now wondering if it’s a bug. It works fine on the toggle preview, but does not work on read-only preview link. Happy to share my link if it helps, but it is literally the same problem @Digital_Dane is experiencing.