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Issue with container element


I’m just working through the 2021 portfolio course and I’m having an issue when testing the responsiveness of the homepage.

It works fine in desktop and tablet view in all sizes but when I go to mobile landscape and below and then bring the screen size in smaller it clips the right hand side of the screen, even though the container size is set to auto width and I’ve used the same class as all the other containers. It’s affecting all of the items on the page, but I can’t see what I’ve done wrong to make this happen.

Any help very gratefully received!!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Your Workshop

Anyone got any ideas?

I know this is probably pretty basic but I cannot work it out. I’ve looked at every container and div block and grid on the page and can’t see why it’s doing this.

Can anyone help with this at all? If it’s as simple as I think it should be then it wouldn’t take long. Not sure why nobody has replied, I think that this is in the right place?

hi @benanza remove you class Container and all start working as expected

Thanks so much for that @Stan I really appreciate you taking the time to look into this for me.

It’s quite odd that the tutorial I was following explicitly advised using this container class but then that is what has made the problem. I would never have tried removing that class based on the fact that it was so explicitly advised.

Should I never use the container class then based on this issue or is there a scenario when it makes sense?

hi @benanza glad that helped. I didn’t check your exact setting so it may work in some cases, I really don’t know. I have already reply to few members to avoid predefined elements as much is possible especially container as this element have settings for website design dated back to approx. 2008-10 when 960 grid become popular.

Website design moved forward 1000’s miles since these days and we have powerful tools like Flex and CSS Grid to help. Even if someone would like use max width for website content to 960px there is always div element we can set max-width as we need and in WF we can in setting set if it is a section, article etc.

Keep in mind that is my personal opinion. :wink:

If you do not have further question related to this topic feel free to close your request as solved

Have a great day

Thanks so much for your help and the follow up answers, very informative!

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