Issue with closing menu

Hey, so I’m creating my first website in Webflow as I mentioned in my different post. Everything went fine till now.

Getting to my issue - I have created animated navigation which appears when we click on “Historie” button. Till then everything was fine but as a next step I had to add another button which let user close the navigation menu.

And… Something went wrong. :smiley: When we open navigation at first some black object is flying in the background, but the biggest problem is when we use “X” button - navigation keep coming back, or getting stuck without the background.

Here is my public share link:

Good morning @Kacper_Bieda,

From my review it looks like you have too many settings on Div bloc 24 and it is affecting this bouncing affect.

It keeps going back from 0% to -100%. Make sure you look at this before moving on.

Happy Designing,

Hey, thanks for answer. It’s reduced bouncing in the background, but other things still doesn’t work like they should. :frowning:

//Edit: I figured out why it’s jumping - I marked “loop” checkbox. :joy: Last part of the video I resolved by removing 2nd click action.