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Issue with click to show link to block

Hello responder!

I created a privacy policy click linked to div block within the same section and used the show hide interaction triggered by click. The result: it didn’t work.

Now I created a separate section and tried again, am not seeing any positive result.

Here is the link, there must be something missing

[website link ][1]


Hello @Ali

You have few issues there.
1 Wrong settings for link:

2 Change style of Policy block

and make initial appearance - height=0px (in interactions)

3 You have mess in click interaction (for link)

In this way Privacy block would never appear on the screen. All you need to do in this interaction is change height of Privacy block: First click - auto, Second click - 0px.

Then everything will work.

Good luck

Hello @sabanna

Thank you indeed for your detailed reply. After making correction to the link interaction, I still don’t see the result I wanted. The block initially is visible before clicking on privacy policy (wrong result), when you click once it hides, another click will take you down to where it is (right result). I selected 0 hight for initial interaction but it did not hide it, Visitors should only see the policy block when they click on privacy policy and shouldn’t be able to see it as they scroll to the footer. let’s try again

Well, you almost done, just few moments that you got wrong.

  1. For Section element do not choose ShowUp interaction. Should be NONE.

  2. in interaction ShowUp (for link) - remove initial appearance.

Good luck

Thanks, it worked!

A useful link to add to the policy block will be “close” link

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