Issue with cache showing old page months after update

Hello everyone,

We’re experiencing an issue with a page we built a couple of months ago not updating to the latest for some users.

It seems as though some of our users are being served an early iteration of the page, which was only live for a couple of days before it was updated.

Other users, that presumably never saw the early iteration of the page, are correctly shown the latest version.

Here is a screen grab to illustrate the issue: Recordit: Record screencasts fast & free! with GIF Support!

  1. Working as expected - I open our homepage in a Guest Chrome profile, then navigate to the page in question, i.e. /esg and I am correctly shown the new updated version.
  2. Working incorrectly - I now open our homepage in my usual Chrome user profile, then navigate to the same page. However, this time I’m showed the old version.

FYI we updated this page a couple of months ago, so thought all users would be shown the updated version by now… but we’re still getting reports from a small subset of users who are seeing the old version.

In addition, I’ve tried following the advice on this previous post here - This is supposed to disable the cache but has had no effect.

Any help on this matter would be very appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


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Hello Mike,
I am encountering the same problem with several Webflow websites when having uploaded updated versions. In case you found a solution I would be very happy to hear about it. Best wishes, Kurt